Kiyo Hand Wash 300ml

Kiyo Hand Wash 300ml


300ml*50 Bottles in one Carton


Sydney Stock. Availble now. 


Designed and formulated in Australia


Inspired by Japanese Zen, Kiyo’s philosophy is to find mindfulness of the presentmoment. Encourage travellers to slow down their steps and take on a journeywith deeper meaning, creating memories that will not soon forget.Every living being we meet, every experience we have, can be seen as magical in some way.Kiyo believes in the harmonious relationship between nature and life, our haircare and skincare rangefocuses on maintaining the hydro-lipid balance of hair and skin. Infused with antioxidant-rich plant extractand natural aroma, Kiyo is committed in bringing the finest hair and skincare to savvy travel experts.



• Supports hair and skin health bymoisturizing and stimulating circulation

• Potent antioxidants help protect hair andskin against environmental aggressors

• Promotes soft and supple skin Invigorating Lime and Basil fragrance from Swiss fragrance house
•Eco-friendly and certified Carbon Neutral